One thing which sets the Brain Simulator II apart from other neural simulators is its user interface, which includes a display of the content of the simulator. Rather than a black box that simply displays an answer, the neuron content and Module dialogs can show exactly what is going on as the network evolves. The main thrust of the Brain Simulator is to create AGI and, along the way, various pieces need to fit together and coordinate to create a whole. Being able to see the pieces is a key feature.

The Brain Simulator is a standard GUI program with a few menus, button controls, and a display of the neuron array and its Modules. As such, you may choose to just look at the pictures to get an idea of how the system works and start using the program. If you run into questions, this chapter makes a good reference.


Overall Layout Controlling Network Files Controlling the Neuron Display Mouse Cursor Shapes Display Control Controlling the Neuron Engine Editing Networks Synapses Clipboard Other Selection Functions Firing History Multiple Servers Keyboard Shortcut Summary Help and Support