NEW BOOK: Will Computers Revolt?

Preparing for the Future of Artificial Intelligence

EIN Presswire: 3/8/19. Annapolis,MD — Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), the ability of computers to think like humans, may seem like a sci-fantasy set far in the future, but in reality, it is right around the corner. Without a degree in Computer Engineering how can one understand what this technology is, how it works, and what it means for our society as a whole?

Now: Will Computers Revolt? Preparing for the Future of Artificial Intelligence, a new book by computer scientist and nationally-renowned software developer and pioneer, Charles J. Simon, who details the future of AGI in an easy-to-read format of what and how humanity should prepare for the impending revolution to come. For those imagining the future directions of intelligent technology, Will Computers Revolt? gives readers an excellent place to start. This well-researched and provocative book offers many real-world examples to interest the computer novice, along with enough technical detail to convince even the most well-versed computer scientist. Written in layman's language, Simon invites readers of all backgrounds to explore the world of computer intelligent technology and how we can best prepare to avoid potential future disaster.

Will Computers Revolt? explains why intelligent computers will develop, what their characteristics will be, and what steps humankind can take to avoid catastrophe,” says Simon. “It also explains how such machines will be created with a model for AGI, and how it corresponds to human thinking as well. Will Computers Revolt? is factual, readable, and interesting with numerous examples that will help explain the technology in a way everyone can understand.”

“Will AGI become smarter than humans?” asks Simon. “The answer is yes, as the march of technology will lead to computers with more processing power than the human brain. The future is inevitable and decisions we make today will impact the future of humankind.”

Charles J. Simon, BSEE, MSCS, is a nationally-recognized computer software/hardware expert with broad management and technical expertise. Mr. Simon’s experience includes pioneering work in AI, neuroscience, and CAD. His technical experience includes the creation of two unique Artificial Intelligence systems along with software for EEGs and other neurological test equipment.

Mr. Simon is also an active, engaging and entertaining speaker on a variety of topics.