Will Computers Revolt?

Preparing for the Future of Artificial Intelligence

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Will Computers Revolt?

“...unquestionably a masterpiece...a scientifically sound resource which is a must-read for techno-savvy readers.”

—Reader Views

“It is mind-blowing, prophetic, thought-provoking, and essentially informative.”

—Readers Favorite

“Bold and rigorous.”

—Kirkus Reviews

“interesting, thought-provoking”


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Will Computers Revolt?

“Simon makes a welcome contribution…an appealing blend of philosophy and hard science from a thoughtful writer with a knack for bringing the esoteric down to earth.”

—Publishers Weekly

“…well written, and well reasoned…explains the key issues and questions we need to be asking ourselves.”

—Irish Tech News

“I would recommend this to anyone interested in the idea of Artificial General Intelligence (which should be all of humanity IMO)”

—5-star Amazon Review

“All in all, a very interesting and thought provoking read.”

—5-star Amazon Review

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About the Book

Describes the When? Why? and How Dangerous? of future computers which will exceed human abilities. It's not all doom and gloom, but there are actions we should be taking now!

Artificial Intelligence (AI), the ability of computers to think like humans, may seem like a sci-fantasy set far in the future, but in reality, it is right around the corner. Without a degree in Computer Engineering how can one understand what this technology is, how it works, and what it means for our society as a whole?

Will Computers Revolt? gives readers an excellent place to start. This well-researched and provocative book offers many real-world examples to interest the computer novice, along with enough technical detail to convince even the most well-versed computer scientist. Written in layman's language, Simon invites readers of all backgrounds to explore the world of computer intelligent technology and how we can best prepare to avoid potential future disaster.

About the Author

charles Charles J. Simon is a nationally-recognized computer software/hardware expert, author and speaker. He is noted for two artificial intelligence (“AI”) systems and three generation of Computers Aided Design (“CAD”). His most recent book is the successful Will Computers Revolt? Preparing for the Future of Artificial Intelligence. Professionally, he has worked on numerous major software projects including Microsoft's MSNBC.COM. He holds BSEE and MSCS degrees and is a member of IEEE, AAAI, and AAAS as well as the high-IQ societies: Triple-nine, Intertel, and Mensa.

Mr. Simon has computer write-ups in Newsweek, the LA Times, USA Today, etc. Originally from San Francisco, he is a philanthropist supporting various causes, such as: STEM youth education, and arts and sciences organizations across the US. Also, a world sailor, Mr. Simon has circumnavigated the globe and sailed the Arctic Northwest Passage.